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Turkey launches airstrikes against kurdish militants in Iraq and Syria following deadly attack on military base

Di: S.Puzzo

Turkey has taken a strong stance against Kurdish militants following an attack on a Turkish military base in Iraq that resulted in the death of nine soldiers. The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that airstrikes were launched against targets in Metina, Hakurk, Gara, and Qandil in northern Iraq, but did not specify the areas in Syria involved. Fighter jets targeted caves, bunkers, shelters, and oil facilities in order to eliminate terrorist threats against the Turkish people and security forces, ensuring the safety of the country’s borders.

According to the Ministry of Defense’s statement, many militants were neutralized during the airstrikes. Last night, attackers attempted to infiltrate a military base in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, killing five soldiers. Four more soldiers died later from critical injuries. The Turkish Ministry of Defense also reported the death of 15 militants during the clashes.

13 Gennaio 2024